Trinity Road (Tooting Bec)

Here is the next in my series of art deco tube stations...

Trinity Road station (Tooting Bec since 1950) was designed by Charles Holden and opened in 1926 as part of the Morden extension of the City & South London Railway. This is the east entrance to the station which was unusual for being so narrow and for having three large glazed roundels on the top tier. Most other Holden stations on the line have just one.

Since it's original opening the identity of the station has changed a number of times. In 1937 having been part of the Morden-Edgeware line, the line was re-named to Northern Line, as it is today. In 1950 the name was changed to its current designation; Tooting Bec. The building itself has changed little. The most notable physical change from 1926 to now is in the roundels on the wings, above the doors, which have been replaced with newer flag-pole versions.

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