Biohazard: Remastered

If your middle name really is danger then you should probably wear some kind of warning.That, or those burritos weren't as fresh as you thought!

The original of this design was based around a photograph of flaking paint I took at Slough railway station in 2001. The original photograph was only 2.1 megapixels; the maximum resolution of my Sony Mavika mvc-cd1000 at the time. So the image I was able to create was naturally limited. And it was another casualty of the great hard drive crash of 2012. I've been reworking a number of lost projects recently to enable reproduction on much larger canvases. Rather than just directly copy this image at a larger size, I decided to use it as an opportunity to learn some new skills.

I wan't getting the results I wanted out of Photoshop, so I turned to Adobe After Effects in the hope of achieving something similar to the results I'd seen in a YouTube video. I'm both pleased and annoyed that I did. There are some great procedural tools in After effects, and it boggles my mind that they are not also available in Adobe's flagship creation tool.

Anyway, I think the final result - rendered with the help of both Photoshop and After Effects - turned our quite well.

So, here it is; new, improved and on murals large enough to cover your garden shed.

Get it on stickers for your baby's nappy/diaper bin!

It is also available on all the usual gear.

Remastered artwork

Original artwork