ODEON Woolwich

In the former Naval industrial town of Woolwich, close to the foot tunnel under the Thames and the ferry crossing, is the ODEON Woolwich. Designed by George Coles and opened in 1937, it has lived three lives.

Unfortunately renovations by Arthur Rank in 1964 removed internal decorations and stripped it of its former glory. Howecer, its impressive facade has been maintained, and still endures today. As an ODEON cinema it suvived until 1981. 

Sitting dormant for two years, it re-opened as the Coronet just in time to show Return of the Jedi in 1983. It was during it's life as the Coronet that I got to know it. It's life as a cinema ended in 1999.

Since then it has been reborn as the New Wine Church and has been renamed Gateway house. The Improvements and renovations the church has made have gone some way to helping preserve the legacy of this magnificent Grade II listed building.

If you'd like a memento of London's cinema history; you can get hold of a copy of this work on all the usual gear.